Iran kicks off ground forces drill on the coast of Gulf of Oman

Iran’s military kicked off ground forces drill on Tuesday along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, state TV reported,…

3 months ago

India Is The Only Foreign Country Participating In Major Development Project In Iran Despite US Sanctions

India has reaffirmed its commitment to Iran’s Chabahar Port as it delivered heavy equipment, including cranes, for the strategic connectivity…

3 months ago

European Union warns Iran enrichment moves could imperil nuclear deal

The official supervising the agreement aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions is warning that Tehran's decision to ramp up uranium…

3 months ago

Is A ‘Full-Scale’ War On Iran The Main Reason Behind ​Saudi Arabia’s Change Of Heart For Qatar?

In diplomacy, it is often said that Saudis will fight Iran to the last American, and now its portents are…

3 months ago

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