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Indian Defence News in Bengali

Indian defence industry is the most modern and the fastest growing industry of India. In fact, it is second only to the construction industry. With such a huge importance on defence spending in the country, defence news is one of the leading sources for breaking stories on all sorts of defence-related news. It’s not just the big news, but also the lesser-known news that get everybody interested.

The first page of any good news magazine will be devoted entirely to news from the defence industry. There will be pictures, charts, and graphs, and sometimes videos as well. Most news related articles will be written in the third person and will describe things as they happened. This makes them unlike the normal articles you get in your favourite newspaper where you are more likely to get an objective opinion, something like this: “The soldiers had no fear during the battle.” Now that is genuine news and is written in the third person. If you are reading something in the Indian press about the Indian Army or the Air Force, you are more likely to get objective and neutral information than a news report written by an army officer which is more likely to give an impression of the views of the officers and not the actual facts.

You will find a lot of Indian defence news in Bengali newspapers as well. These are generally quite well read and you can get some valuable tips and analysis if you are willing to spend some time and do some background checking. Some times even the defence ministry releases some information on their website or through other media. You may have to hunt a little to actually get the information you need, but it will still be worth your effort. The information you get is definitely up-to-date and there are many details that you won’t get anywhere else.


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